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Pilgrimage to other sites

Some pilgrims who have visited the Baptismal site have also visited other pilgrim sites nearby. This is a small selection of places. There are many more sites from the Biblical and early Christian history to explore.

The closest and maybe the most well known is Mount Nebo, where Moses looked into the promised land (Deut 34:1).  It is a short drive uphill towards south east. If you continue on the same raod after you have seen the same spectacular view that Moses saw you end up in the city of Madaba. There you can, among other things, look at the St George Church and the famous mosaic map of the Holy Land from the 6:th century. Further south east is Umm Ar-Rasas located with sixten churches from the first centuries of Christianity.

If you drive north east you can reach the city of Salt within an hour. In Salt there is a locally very popular pilgrim site with a shrine of St George, a Palestinian saint with great significance today in the Palestinian – Israeli conflict.

Straight to the north is the city of Ajloun. Nearby you can visit the Catholic Church in Anjara: a pilgrim shrine for the Virgin Mary, with a statue of her. The statue is known for it was wheeping blod in year 2010. Also close to Ajloun you find the place where the Old Testament prophet Elias was borned. His house was somtime in hoistory converted to a pilgrim church and today just ruins remain. The ruins are visited and honered both by Christians and the local Muslim community.

Further north is Jerash with the historical connections to the New Testament. Jerash used to be one of the ten cities that together were called Decapolis (for example Mark 5:20 and Math 4:25). Today, execpt the modern city, it’s main attraction is the ruins of a Roman city with streets, shops, temples, theatres and more.

To the south is Lot’s cave, close to the Dead Sea (Gen 19:30).  Up in the mountains you find Machareus, a mountain top with the ruins of one of Herodes the tetrarch’s castles. A possible place for the beheading of John the Baptist (Math 14: 1-12). A pilgrim excursion that fits well into the concept of power and religion.

Most of these places are one or a couple of hours away from the Baptismal site and can easily be reached by car.