Building Project

Our vision is to host individuals, couples or small groups visiting the Holy Sites.

To fulfill this vision we need to rebuild the main hall downstairs which consists of eight toilets and a minor storage area.

The latest plan for the future is here: downstairs model 11.

The plan is to take this project step-by-step until finished.

Step 1: Take out all toilets and valuable things and store them for later use.
Step 2: Demolish all interior walls and floors.
Step 3: New plumbing and electricity.
Step 4: Build new walls and floors.
Step 5: Plastering and painting.
Step 6: Installation of kitchen and bathroom.
Step 7: Installation of AC, water heater, and lamps.
Step 8: Installation and decoration of bedrooms.

The total cost is estimated at 30,000 JOD.
We have allocated about 16,000 JOD and this should be sufficient for step 1-4.

The plan is to start building  in November 2018.

Do you want to contribute to the finalization of this project?

Donate now via our partner the Presbytarian foundation